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Disco Balls


by Prinny Moni

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Our events boast a rich blend of activities, performances, or presentations that cater to a broad audience. Whether it's live music, interactive sessions, keynote speeches, or artistic showcases, attendees are consistently engaged and captivated. We curate an environment filled with energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Attendees not only passively consume content but actively participate, interact, and immerse themselves in the event's atmosphere.

We are designed to be inclusive, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. This inclusivity fosters unity by celebrating differences and creating a sense of belonging among attendees. We incorporate collaborative activities, workshops, or discussions within your events, encouraging attendees to connect, collaborate, and build relationships.


Vim Galaxy Fiesta actively scouts for talent, whether it's artists, performers, professionals, influencers, or specialists relevant to your industry or niche.

We establish partnerships, contracts, or agreements with talented individuals, outlining roles, responsibilities, compensation, and expectations.

We engage talent on specific projects, campaigns, events, or initiatives tailored to their expertise, skills, or audience reach.


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Vim Galaxy fiesta is currently in partnership with Sirens exclusive, A United and energetic dance group from Manchester. Andrea leads the Dance classes and choreography's followed by Venus (Madam Ubah) who makes sure everything runs smoothly and safe while Prinny Moni does her best to connect the last dots together. 

Party People

Meet The Sirens Team

Madam Ubah

Our manager works tirelessly to ensure that all events run smoothly and efficiently. 


From coordinating logistics to taking care of all our Sirens, her attention to detail and dedication to the job is unmatched. 


We are grateful for her hard work and commitment to Sirens.


Our passionate pole instructor will make you feel super comfortable and push you to new heights.


She's a pocket rocket who will guide you through the moves step by step, ensuring you get the best out of your sessions. 


Come and join us for an unforgettable experience!

Prinny Moni

As an International PR Manager, Prinny Moni  specializes in managing all of our trips and collaborations.


She has extensive experience in creating strategic partnerships and organizing successful events that leave a lasting impression on both clients and consumers.


Theme Studios, Theme House Complex, Unit 10 – Theme House, Park Hall

Road, Charnock Richard, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 5LP

+44 7310578395

+00 3934444971

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